My journey to becoming an Occupational Therapist!

Here are some  moments when our students thought – “YES, I want to be an Occupational Therapist!”

‘Receiving a regret letter and being deferred a place to September 2013 did not stop me from pursuing my dreams! I kept contacting the university to find out if I was on the waiting list because this was the university that I was attracted to, and it was reported to be one of the best universities in the country.  I am going to be starting my final year in September so I am hoping that it will be my best year yet!     2nd yr student TB


I first heard about Occupational Therapy when a friend was injured and required hand therapy. The results of her OT treatment were remarkable and personally sparked interest in this profession for me. Initially I worked on cruise ships in the spa department and decided to change my career and attend university full time as a mature student. To prepare for university, I started an Access to Healthcare Diploma at college and began researching about OT. I attended various open days and spent time in OT departments within Kent to gain understanding about the profession. I realised how diverse OT is, and I knew that it was a profession that would be rewarding and offer a range of areas to explore professionally. 3rd yr student SN


It took me a long time to arrive at my decision to become an OT. I had a Fine Art degree and had worked in art publishing for about 3 years before taking a year out to consider my options. I am a very creative person but this can mean I get bored easily. I knew I wanted to try and work in mental health and my mental health nurse friend first suggested I look into OT. As soon as I started to read about OT on the College of Occupational Therapists website I realised how person centred and varied it could be and I started to envision what this could be like as a career!  LH 1st yr student


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