New starters at Medway!

Well, its been full on here at Christchurch since we returned from the break at Christmas.

Our first clinical event day was held at the end of January which had an exceptionally good turn out from our clinical colleagues.  Seven different teams were available to talk with our prospective candidates about their role as an Occupational Therapist.  Some film clips were taken, but not of a good enough quality to be able to share online, and I am currently waiting for the photographs to be edited to post in the very near future.  Over fifty people attended on the day, and have given very positive feedback, which means we should be able to run this event again next year, which is really good news.

UCAS has now closed for applications, and our interviewing has been taking place in Canterbury and in Medway for our next academic year 2015-2016 places.  Over three hundred people applied, just over two hundred have been interviewed and we are currently allocating for our 34 places at Medway campus, and 31 places at our Canterbury campus.  If you are waiting to hear, please sit tight!  We don’t make these decisions lightly, and discussions are had with our morning and afternoon interviewers to ensure that we allocate fairly and wisely.  We are on target, and letters will all be going out the same day at the end of March.

For those of you coming to our orientation day this Friday, here is an overview of your timetable for the first term here. Please ignore my scribble – I know you all can’t wait to find out your attendance, and have been emailing me this week in regard to this.

New starters Medway April 2015 Overview

Once you arrive here, you will be able to access your timetables using our OnTime electronic systems on either your phones or devices using Apps.  OnTime TimeTabling Apps


Pre arrival and Welcome contactMost of you by now have received our pre-arrival and welcome contacts by email, and this is something we start to use to help introduce you to the university and enable to start to feel you are a student here by uploading your photo for your student card, enrolling with the library, and getting ready for your first week here.  For those of you who are hoping to come in our next academic year, this is something that will start to be notified to you once you have received your official welcome letter, and approximately two months in advance of your start date.

Once you are here, you may want to join in even more, and become a student rep for your cohort, or even a student ambassador once you have been here a little while to represent the university either at open days or at events when we meet the public.  We have many opportunities here, and the peer support scheme may be something else you will be interested in.

Some top tips on being a student and enjoying your time here!!


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