When they tell you its as easy as riding a bike!

its not as obvious as first thought!


Hi all, I came across this film clip the other day when looking for material for a lecture this morning.  It was around physical activity and I wanted the message to come across to the students that its not just about the biomechanical aspects of the body, but the mind and the spirit too!!

Watch the clip here: http://dailyliked.net/backwards-brain-bicycle/

As an OT student, you will learn and work alongside people who have lost skills that they were once very proficient in and proud of.  You will help them to make the connections and practice skills either from an adaptive perspective, or from a compensatory perspective to enable them to carry on living meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Skills can be transferable too.

Think about a time when you couldn’t do something, regardless of the reason.  What did you do to help yourself get over that?  From that experience were there any aspects that you took forward into other parts of your life, that perhaps you hadn’t initially thought about!!

Life is amazing, and there is nothing more amazing than working with people.


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