Endings and beginnings….

Yesterday saw the graduation of our 2012 students.   It’s a wonderful day for all their family and friends to see them in their robes, and graduating in the cathedral at Canterbury.  From our perspective it’s wonderful to catch up with them and hear their news.   All of them have jobs and have been in post some months now, and some are coming up for their second rotations!!  In spite of the weather….they were still able to toss their caps in the air – and the wind helped!!  An amazing end of their time in Canterbury.  Much reminiscing went on, and I know the celebrations went on into the small hours.


Thursday heralds the start of this years interview schedule, for our next intake at Canterbury in September 2016, and for our medway campus intake in April 2017.  In spite of the nerves on the day, most find the day helpful; some see our campus for the first time, others like the way the day is organized.  Then it’s waiting for final decisions coming out by the end of March.

If you are one of those we will be interviewing in the coming weeks, may I take this opportunity to wish you well!   Fingers crossed!!!


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