Previous work done to help support students…

Attached below is a conference poster that my occupational therapy colleague Julie Taylor,  student support staff Jane Owens, Shahzeena Ahmed and myself completed to help support students coming into university.

Since this time, this work has been taken forward and included within our professional development module that all first year students are involved with.  We know how anxious new students can be coming into university and this work has helped to alleviate anxieties in subsequent cohort groups. COT Poster 2013 v4

This work was presented at the national College of Occupational Therapists conference in Glasgow.   Students can not only attend this conference, but also present their work in the format of posters, talks or workshops, and many of our students over the years have taken this opportunity to be able to do this and strengthen their professional identity by doing this.

Each year there are a few free tickets for our students to take up this opportunity to attend.  Something to consider, and very achievable!

Feedback from our students who have presented in the past have said that it was a great opportunity to not only meet the names in the books and the articles that they read, and it also greatly increased their confidence by presenting in this way.

You never know….this could be you next year!




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