New training film available – “Collaborative Care Planning”

Over the past year, Sarah Harvey, Senior Lecturer, has been managing, a project funded by the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, and received a HEIF School/Centre Knowledge Exchange Award for 2015-16.

The Kent and Medway Partnership NHS Trust (KMPT) identified a need to improve the care planning process and approached CCCU to make an empathy raising film to improve this process.

Working with 3rd year CCCU occupational therapy student, Pippa Collins,  Lucie Duncan, Occupational Therapy lead, for Community Mental Health, KMPT and 3rd year students from the CCCU School of Media, Art and Design, along with other KMPT staff, service users and carers, they collaboratively developed an empathy raising film to promote collaborative care planning.

The film has now been incorporated into a training package for KMPT, as part of their mandatory training  to promote recovery in mental health. It has also been added to the Enabling Occupational Change module with occupational therapy students and will soon be extended to all health and social care students working in mental health.

Sarah says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone on the project. I have learnt a tremendous amount from seeing situations from another perspective, and have a new respect for the complexity of film-making! I would like to thank all of those who have brought their own personal experience to the project in order to inform our understanding and influence our future learning.”

If you would like to know more about the film, please contact Sarah –



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