Occupational Therapy – is it for you?

Occupational therapists work in many different settings and with a wide range of client groups from premature babies to the old, older adult. Because our work is so diverse, we strongly recommend you thoroughly research the profession and visit at least one, if not two, different occupational therapy services. For example:- an occupational therapy service in a general hospital, or a mental health service in the community, an occupational therapist based in a social services department or an occupational therapist based in a learning disabilities team. Some departments host open days, you should enquire about these well in advance as they are popular.

For many reasons a visit may not be possible, in which case we recommend that you speak to an occupational therapist about their work, so you have a good understanding of the profession.

The visits will help you to decide whether this is the career for you.

Ask yourself – “is this what I can see myself doing, in the future?”

Whether you undertake either a visit(s) or a discussion, this will be necessary for both your UCAS personal statement and for your interview, as we will ask you during your interview to discuss your visit/conversation.

This YouTube video  from the RCOT and featuring some of our alumni will, we hope, give you a flavour about being an occupational therapy student and of some of the opportunities available to you on successful completion of the programme.

For further information:-

The Royal College of Occupational Therapy have a Career Handbook providing tips for your application, how to choose a programme, information videos and a FAQ guide.

The NHS Careers website also has information including an information video, about occupational therapy as a career,




Updated 26/05/2017


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