Finances – Saving for your placement overhead costs

Photo courtesy of The Guardian.
Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

At Canterbury Christ Church University we have placments from:

  •  Kent, Surrey and Sussex – these areas are up to the M25 boundary area.
  • London – which covers all of the London area, from inner city outwards to the boundaries of the M25 be it North, South, East or West London.

You may be thinking there is a hospital local to where you live – please be aware that you are expected to have a range of placements so they may not be local.

Your education, including your placements will relate to a wide range of settings, areas, ages and types of practice.   This is because it is a requirement of the HCPC that not only have you completed 1000 hours of assessed practice placement education, but that you have also had a wide range of learning experiences in a range of settings.

Do expect to have to travel some distance to your placement.  This may entail staying away from home.  To this end we always advise students to save in advance for any travelling costs or potential accommodation costs incurred for placement.


Reviewed  26/05/2017


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