Freshers Week

Freshers week takes place at the start of the academic year.  It is a time when you will start to find out more about all the different societies, clubs and the social event side of life at university.

Its a great time to start to get involved with the student union, who usually organise a whole range of evenys at this time such as music, dance and party events to get the year under way.   It’s a great time to meet other people outside of your chosen degree and you get to meet people who may even be your house mates after your first year.

Students describe it as a great time and full of fun – but do please remember you are on a professional programme, so don’t do anything that you may regret either short or long term!

Be proud of yourself and your achievements

that have got you here,

help you to stay on top here,

and to graduate at the top from here!

reviewed 17/03/2017


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