Making Contact with an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists work  in many areas of clinical practice. Prior to your interview it is wise to contact one or two  in advance and find out about the type of work they do.

1. Planning – you will need to plan in advance what it is you want to get out of the telephone conversation or meeting, so that you ask all you need to, in a timely manner.

2. Finding them – you will find your local Occupational Therapists in physical health and mental health settings, and within social services.  You will find details on many trust and council websites.

3. If you have made contact with one area of practice, try and arrange contact with a different area e.g you contacted children’s services – try older adult services.  You contacted a physical health setting – try social services or a mental health setting.

4. Some areas will not allow you to visit the clinical areas of practice for a range of reasons e.g. confidentiality. Be respectful if you are told this, but try to arrange a meeting or telephone/skype discussion, so you can discuss the role of the occupational therapist within that setting.

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reviewed 17/03/2017


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