Mature Students

UCASUCAS have a great downloadable free guide for mature students on this page.   Their definition of a mature student is anyone over the age of 21, so don’t be shy!

Our Occupational Therapy programmes have a good mix of ages, backgrounds and experiences in the student groups and people often retrain for a career.

You will be able to call upon your life experiences at various points in the programme and when you’re qualified.  Some areas you will be able to build upon, some areas you will start to view differently, and some areas you may  need to ‘unlearn’ some aspects, so that you can go forward in your new career pathway.

Image courtesy of Flickr
Image courtesy of Flickr
  • Being a mature student usually means that you have some responsibilities for others in your life – sometimes at both ends of the lifespan.
  • Ensure you have made adequate provision so that you can study full time and that you have back-up plans.
  • Start to practice your delegation techniques, share the load in your life, and become an expert at planning your time wisely.


Don’t let time run away from you, it is a precious resource so use it well.

reviewed 26/05/2017



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