Firstly –

Once the adrenaline dies down after receiving ‘that letter‘ which tells you that yes you have a place on our programme, what next?

  • We make contact with you during the waiting time to keep you informed and up-to-date.
  • You can start the online registration process for your university student card, library card, and access to our online individual student timetable and Blackboard site, where you will find your programme module handbooks.
  • We  offer online peer mentoring with a 2nd year occupational therapy student at your campus. They will be able to help you with those odd or awkward questions you may have hesitated to ask!
  • Come to our orientation to higher education day – you will be notified of the date approximately 6 – 8 weeks in advance of the start of your programme. On the day, you will be able to meet your cohort colleagues with whom you will be studying and some of the occupational therapy academic staff . Many friendships start here, so please try to attend.

Updated 13/02/2017


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