Offer letter

We aim to send out letters to all those that we interview within four weeks of our last interview date.  So that is usually by the end of March.

Unfortunately, some people are unsuccessful in obtaining a place; this is usually because there is such demand for places on our programme. Competition is high, with around 1:4 people accepted.  If you have been unsuccessful, your letter will give you an indication as to why, and you can contact us for further details.

Those of you have have been successful will see the large CONGRATULATIONS at the top of the letter. Your letter will tell you your course (just to make sure it is the right one), the UCAS code, and the date you will be starting.

Your letter will also tell you if its:-

  • an unconditional offer – because you already meet all the entrance criteria, or
  • a conditional offer e.g. you must get the required grades for this programme.  If your offer is conditional, you can go onto UCAS TRACK to ensure you know what you need to achieve.   It will also tell you to contact Admissions ( if there is any delay or changes that we should know about.

You will be sent the NEXT STEPS brochure, or access this online, and we will also tell you about our next OPEN DAY date, so that you can come along with your family and friends to show them where you will be going!

We quite often meet many of our new students coming in the next term at our summer open days, so don’t be shy – come along and say hi to staff and students on the day. Book online and let us know you are coming, it will be great to see you!!

Reviewed 26/05/2017


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